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Summer Annual non-dual Inquiry Intensive, in a lovely countryside location near Berlin Germany. A four day residential retreat, June 22nd 6PM, 23rd, 24th, 25th, including an Integration/expressive arts day, ending 4PM June 26th.

LOCATION dates and details TO BE ANNOUNCED...
Individual Inquiry Journey, 2017 in Umbria, Italy
A hermitage stay, with silent walks and gatherings. 
Includes individual meetings and group talks on inquiry with 
teacher of non-duality, Tathagata Pitaka. 

The number of silent, solo retreat days may be chosen by each participant. No cost*, donation to the teacher is appreciated. 

*Plan to make your own travel arrangements, book all accommodation for your stay at the hermitage and plans for your food. Contact pitakaloversoftruth.net@gmail.com for details and hermitage contact information.


​A thin Veil
Elaborately embroidered
Potentially, endlessly Fascinating
Mundane or dramatic Imaginings
Same as dream
Same as memory
The only barrier
Between the idea, my-me
And complete 
Liberation from suffering

                    Pitaka, 2014
This retreat is four nights and four days of inquiry. The first portion is a three day residential Enlightenment Intensive, at a beautiful Zen Center, on the wooded summit above Saratoga. Vegetarian meals and silent-shared accommodation are provided.

We will arrive on Thursday evening April 16th at 6 PM. The intensive schedule begins the morning of the 17th, ending on the evening of the 20th at 4PM.

To Register, visit our registration page with more information and an easy pay pal link.

This is an LGBT inclusive event.

This retreat is four nights and four days. The Enlightenment Intensive and integration day will be held at a beautiful Retreat Center, one hour from Berlin, in the countryside. This is a residential event with vegetarian meals and shared silent accommodations provided.

We begin Wednesday June 22nd at 6 PM., with the intensive schedule starting on the morning of Thursday the 23rd, and ending the evening of Saturday the 25th at 9 PM. Sunday the 26th will be a day of  integration, until 4PM. with activities focusing on how to bring our experience from the intensive into the world. This will include creative expression to conclude and celebrate our four day retreat together.

To Register, visit our registration page where you will find an application and an easy to use Paypal link. You will promplty receive a welcome letter and all details to plan your arrival.
We look forward to supporting your love of truth throughout the retreat. 
Bowing to our true nature, 
Pitaka and devoted staff 

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