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Zen priest, Pitaka Christie Close now offers all day public Zen sittings in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zen and The Art of Inquiry a three day intensive and private Zazen instruction. There is no charge for any of Pitaka's offerings of guidance.

Pitaka will sit all day in selected public spaces by request, provide instruction for Zazen practice with guidance for several traditional sitting postures, offer a bit of Zen poetry and lead Kinhin, a classic Zen walking meditation. Guests may come and go as they wish.
Reach out to your personal trainer in Zen, by appointment in your home, for San Francisco residents.

Create a supportive sitting space, add an altar if you wish, receive assistance learning the four basic postures for Zen sitting practice, and discover which is presently a fit for your body. Then we will sit.
Email pitakaloversoftruth.net to schedule an appointment..
​Want to start a home based meditation practice?