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​A thin Veil
Elaborately embroidered
Potentially, endlessly Fascinating
Mundane or dramatic Imaginings
Same as dream
Same as memory
The only barrier
Between the idea, my-me
And complete 
Liberation from suffering

                    Pitaka, 2014
Lovers of Truth Retreats and Events , 2018
Zen and Inquiry, weekly classes and three day residential Intensives:
US classes beginning in spring 2018, dates and locations to be announced
Europe Summer 2018, Zen and Inquiry intensive, Berlin Germany
This is an introduction to a few basic Zen practices which I am incorporating into my three day intensives based on classic inquiry. Some preparation is needed for the intensives, so I will provide this preparatory, weekly class with talks about the nature of genuine and ever fresh inquiry and experience in basic Zen practices.
"See through the layers and see your life transform suddenly and gradually. Align your thoughts and feelings consciously with that which you discover for yourself to be more deeply true."   pitaka, retreat leader