Pitaka's Easter weekend Enlightenment Intensive will be a benefit event for rebuilding a temple in Lahaina, Maui that burned in the 2023 fire. Therefore the cost is higher. Please write to Pitaka if you need support with the cost.

To apply for Pitaka's Maui benefit in-person Enlightenment Intensive for 2025, simply fill in the application form below and press submit.  You will receive an email from Pitaka and if an interview is needed you will be invited to meet on Zoom, or you will receive acknowledgement of acceptance.

The cost for Pitaka's intensive is $750 This includes a private room and meals for three days and nights. You can pay on this site using the Pay pal button, after your application has been reviewed. Full payment is required to complete registration and reserve your space. 
Email Pitaka to request a discount if one is needed.

Application for the next upcoming Intensive, Easter Weekend, 2025.

1. My full name, and home address 

2. How I heard about the intensive

3. Marital status, gender identification

4. Phone number and email address

5. Spiritual orientation, religion if any, philosophy, yoga/meditation, study, practice.

6. State of physical and emotional health, any medications? side effects?

7. Do you have a history of addiction, depression or mental illness? (when? is it resolved?)

8. Do you wish to learn the art of inquiry?  (a unique practice of focusing, intentional questioning, opening​ to something deeper than the every day) 

9. How do you wish to benefit by attending? Is your intention awakening to Truth directly? (please consider this deeply and write about your intention. Send your answer separately by email.)

10. Do you have a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection?

11. Are you willing to follow guidelines, such as wearing modest clothing, maintaining silence between structured communication activities and our daily schedule of meals, sitting meditation and active inquiry?

12. D​o you have trouble sleeping? If so explain?

13 Are you willing to refrain from the use of all drugs, alcohol, and smoking at any time during the intensive, including before arrival?

If you have questions, email [email protected] 
After you submit this application, Pitaka will respond within 24 hrs. Please wait until you receive a response BEFORE you pay.
The cost for a private room at the 3 day in-person Enlightenment Intensive with Pitaka in the US. is $750. 

Before the intensive you will receive a welcome letter with information about what to bring and many details. This will arrive a few  weeks before the start date.